Friday, January 28, 2011

Frame work

The frame is coming along nicely!  The main steel is all welded up, the rear axle has been extended, the front axle is in place, and the old drive piece is in place.  Now that I have the hubs and axles, I can wrap up the front steering system.  I have a lead on some rims...just gotta place the order and then figure out how I'm going to lace everything up! 



A nice shoebox from Taiwan arrived the other day with some goodies in it: 20mm hubs and a disk brake set!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The hubs and brakes are ordered, the frame building will start next week, the tires are here; WE'RE MOVING ALONG NICELY!  For now, here are some elevations to keep you interested.  A full 3D model is on it's way!  ;P

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frame Design

Now that I decided on the overall dimensions, I've been able to finalize the design of the frame. After building my scale models, I really go the picture that the first design was going to look pretty anorexic. So maybe, this will be a 2-seat truck! Guess I better start looking for an assistant.

Proportionality: Update

So I've made a new model that is more proportionally correct...and I like it a lot better. Looks like I'll be making some modifications to that rear end after all!


I've been having some issues determining the overall dimensions of this truck. I need to figure it out so I know how long to make the new front axle and new frame rails. First off, there's the height. I originally wanted to build this thing similar to a recumbent with an reclined riding position; however, after some sketching and dimensioning, realized that this would position the drivers head really far back from the "front windshield" or it would make the front end un-proportionally long. I want this thing to distinguishably look like a food truck. I therefore had to raise the seating position, which increased the overall height. I was originally shooting for a 4ft overall height, but am now looking at 5ft. This gives me about a 1:2 build scale.

From scaling trucks in pictures, it appears that the length of a typical truck is roughly 1.5x the height. In order to keep the right proportional look (maybe with a little cartoon squish), my truck should be about 7ft long. No problem.

Now, the width of the existing trike rear-end is roughly 24" and to minimize the amount of modifications to this, I'd like to keep it that way. This puts a kink in keeping thing proportional. Typically, these catering trucks are about 8ft wide which would mean that my truck would need to be 4ft wide... To get a physical idea of how this anorexic truck would look, I built a cardboard scale model. I've gotta think about this one for a bit...

Throwing it out there: What do you guys think?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Parts Cleanup

So now that I've got the trike all chopped up, I needed to clean up some of the parts I'm going to be re-using. The head tube is going to be relocated to the front axle and will be the center point in the Pitman Arm steering system. I have been spending a lot of time trying to source parts such as 4.5" wide/20"dia rims, 20mm hubs, disk brakes, and a electric hub motor.

20mm hubs are semi-common on downhill mountain bikes; however, finding 2 spare front wheel assemblies is proving to be quite difficult. I've found a source for new 20mm hubs with a 6 bolt disk setup, so I'm going to give that a try ( Now, I've gotta find my rims and get them all laced up! I've never laced a rim before so this might be interesting. The old go-to guide for anything bicycle related, Sheldon Brown's website, has a great page dedicated to wheel building ( that I hope will make this an easy process.