Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I've been having some issues determining the overall dimensions of this truck. I need to figure it out so I know how long to make the new front axle and new frame rails. First off, there's the height. I originally wanted to build this thing similar to a recumbent with an reclined riding position; however, after some sketching and dimensioning, realized that this would position the drivers head really far back from the "front windshield" or it would make the front end un-proportionally long. I want this thing to distinguishably look like a food truck. I therefore had to raise the seating position, which increased the overall height. I was originally shooting for a 4ft overall height, but am now looking at 5ft. This gives me about a 1:2 build scale.

From scaling trucks in pictures, it appears that the length of a typical truck is roughly 1.5x the height. In order to keep the right proportional look (maybe with a little cartoon squish), my truck should be about 7ft long. No problem.

Now, the width of the existing trike rear-end is roughly 24" and to minimize the amount of modifications to this, I'd like to keep it that way. This puts a kink in keeping thing proportional. Typically, these catering trucks are about 8ft wide which would mean that my truck would need to be 4ft wide... To get a physical idea of how this anorexic truck would look, I built a cardboard scale model. I've gotta think about this one for a bit...

Throwing it out there: What do you guys think?

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