Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steering and More

Now that the overall frame is done, it's time to start building onto the frame.  First up are the front steering arms.  These are the steering arms we made to accept the 20mm hubs. 
Originally, I had intended to do the steering tie rod in front of the axle; however, the head tube was in the way.  Flipping the steering arms allowed me to locate the tie rod behind the front axle which worked out better because it cleared up the space in front of the axle for foot and leg clearance for pedaling. 
Here's some nice welding pictures.

 We're on the fast track now!  More updates soon!  The wheels have been delays, but the electric motor is here.  I need to build a bracket for it, route the chain, add idler pulleys, mount and route the controller, build a seat frame, find a seat, convert the bottom bracket to a threaded, and build a BODY!  A lot of work to do. 

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