Monday, March 7, 2011

Bottom Brack Freewheel

While I wait for wheels to be finished...I've started working on the electric motor setup.  This means I need a freewheel on the bottom bracket if I want to run the electric motor without pedaling.  Also, since this started life as a "beach cruiser" type bike, it's got a 1-piece crankset...which is pretty tough to work with if you want to do any sort of modification.
Here's what it looks like:
Now, in order to run a threaded bottom bracket, I needed to buy a cruiser to threaded conversion kit; and to install it, I needed to remove the old cranks, and bust out the old cups.  
Now that these are removed (may require some grinding if tack welded in place; mine were not) as well as any excess paint or crud; I can install the conversion kit.  Remember to line up the screws before pounding this bad boy into place!  Dun-did that before...
Once the conversion kit is in place, you're all set up to run threaded cranks!  Freewheeled bottom bracket FTW!  This freewheel crankset came in the electric motor kit I purchased from

We'll be rolling soon!

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