Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chop, Cut, Rebuild

The body has been built to match the proportions I originally intended from my scale model and now that it is done, I've come to one big conclusion about it...it's all WRONG!  Seeing it in person, it's just too damn big.  My drawing showed a 4' wide, 7' long, 5' tall body and it looked good on paper, but there were a few determining factors that affected the actual positioning of the body on the frame: the pedals and the distance from the driver's head to the front "windshield".  To avoid the cliche, "homeboy driving on the freeway" look, the driver needed to be in an upright riding position and the pedals as close to the driver as possible.  Despite thinking I had the seating and pedal positions all figured out, once the body was made and mocked up on the frame, it just didn't look right.  The front portion of the truck overhung the front wheels substantially more than I anticipated, which in turn pushed the windshield farther further than I wanted.  If I were to push the windshield back in the position I wanted, I would have ended up with a really long front end; which, if you look at the typical "roach coach", doesn't exist.  The front end needs to be smushed up close to the windshield like a pug stuck in a cubby.  Therefore, drastic measures were taken!  The top is being chopped 6" and the front end is being brought back 10"!  The driver's seating position is going to lowered, as well as the handlebars, but the pedals are being left in place.  Now, I'll leave you to your own imagination as to how it will look once the body is all modified and what interesting features may now exist, but all I'm gonna say is that it's going to look a LOT better!
Here you can see the distance from the front wheels to the front end to cover the pedals.

And the distance from the windshield to the handlebars.  =\

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