Wednesday, April 6, 2011


FINALLY!  Except for a little bit of truing, the wheels are done!  This has been the most time consuming part so far and I can't possibly see anything else taking sooo long.  The concept from these wheels came from the Team Save Ferris Red Bull Soapbox car.  They had a similar style car (thru axles) and I really liked the way theirs turned out.  
I started with the hubs: the 2 existing hubs from the original tricycle and the 2 new 20mm Bitex thru-axle hubs.  Then came the rims: 20"dia by 4" wide rims meant for those OCC Stingray chopper bikes.  Associated tubes and tires included.
Finally was the spokes:  I used a combination of 186mm and 176mm spokes to get the pattern I liked.  I used a cross hub pattern with supports on the outside.
Here's a good before and after:

 Showing the spoke pattern:

and completed:

Looks like I might be riding this thing around at CicLAvia this weekend...keep an eye out for me.

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